31 Comix in 31 Days! (Master Post)

Hey, everyone!

To those who’ve read along while they were fresh from the over and those joining now, here’s a post linking to every comic in one convenient place now that my power’s back from Irma. As usual, I’d love to hear some feedback and hopefully do better next time.

To recap: each comic is a 6-page one-shot, so feel free to roll the dice or read all in order!

So have a laugh, a cry, a goof and a gasp as you dive into this cavalcade of sequential art improv!

P.S.: If you know of comix publishers interested in anthologies, know someone who might, or just want to help with a reblog or a read, a huge thanks! Enjoy!

  1. They Look Like People
  2. Scripted
  3. Press Start
  4. Castling
  5. Side B
  6. Icarus//01
  7. Incline
  8. Unexpecting
  9. A Leash
  10. Abash
  11. Attrition
  12. Press Play When You Get There
  13. Xing
  14. Just Like You
  15. You Are Here
  16. Clench Your Fist
  17. Killed The Cat
  18. Babalaas
  19. Old School Sacking
  20. Were-borzoi
  21. Chinatown Sundown
  22. Out of This World
  23. Spelling Success
  24. On Being Weak
  25. MMO-Foe
  26. Quick-draw
  27. Il Baccio Della Tarantola Nera
  28. Vicarious Vic
  29. Sojourn
  30. Right Outside
  31. En Familia

Thanks for reading, nerds!


Day 29- “Sojourn”

Daily comic 29 of 31!

I juggled with scripts for this one, atop of oversleeping. Which, side-note, waking up feeling sluggish for hours is such a guillotine on fertile creative time. And, of course, taking a moment for the important things like listening/talking with a friend (whom apparently does magick semi-ironically).

That being said, took a crack at a wordless comic. I’d say silent, but I always remember my friend saying “lmao, but aren’t all comix silent?” Which, teeechnically no?

I’m rambling. And now, the weather:

29- Meds_001 Continue reading

Day 27- “Il Baccio della Tarantola Nera”

Buonasera, miei amici! Fumetti: 27 di 31!

Between oversleeping and thunderstorm back at it, just glad I put in the hours to finish and upload this!

I was unsure what to go with today, but the same friend who suggested Western also suggested Noir, and once again I go “alright, but what if…”

And so here we are! Aside from the late night upload, I also want to inform that I won’t be able to upload the comix during this week due to some family circumstances. Nothing bad, just won’t have my setup to do so, but as soon as I can, the last ones will be coming out as well. You can be sure about that.

Having said that, pls enjoy tonight’s neo-noir, giallo, camix:27- Noir_001 Continue reading

Day 17- “Killed the Cat”

Daily comic 17 of 31. Surprised/proud I’m alive. Disappointed I’m missing the second show in a row. Would’ve been nice to see some friends today.

Anyway, today’s comic is based on a dream I had. It ends exactly where mine did. Ever wake up kinda proud you had a nice dream? As opposed to mundane things going awry, then waking up both relieved and disappointed.

I digress. Here’s today’s comic:

17- Robots_001 Continue reading

Twine Game: “Flight of Icarus”


Thanks to my English professor, I came across a nifty platform called Twine. It’s a very user-friendly program (once you take a few minutes to watch someone do the basics) that allows you to create non-linear text-based adventures. I was very interested in the idea, given my history with videogames and love for anything that gives the player choices. I took an idea I had for a scifi take on Greek mythology and used it to experiment with it on Twine.

The result is a short, but hopefully sweet, text-based adventure with different routes to take and a few endings to reach. It engages digital media due to the mechanics of the game and it’s html format. While you could argue that similar things have been done on paper, this platform allows for much, much more customization beyond the typical “turn to page X for one choice and page Y for another”. For starters, you can’t see how thick the virtual space is to guess when your adventure ends, it’s sleek, and allows to embed images and hopefully audio in the near future when the second version of Twine is finished. The digital nature of this form of non-linear storytelling allows for a more modular story and makes it more accessible. You’re focused on the single plane that is your screen to sustain immersion.

In the future, if I were to refine this Twine iteration, I may even throw in some decent artwork to match.

Without further ado, have a quick playthrough or two of the Flight of Icarus and let me know what you think before I turn it into a comic or something similar. You can now say you’ve been here since the beginning!