Day 27- “Il Baccio della Tarantola Nera”

Buonasera, miei amici! Fumetti: 27 di 31!

Between oversleeping and thunderstorm back at it, just glad I put in the hours to finish and upload this!

I was unsure what to go with today, but the same friend who suggested Western also suggested Noir, and once again I go “alright, but what if…”

And so here we are! Aside from the late night upload, I also want to inform that I won’t be able to upload the comix during this week due to some family circumstances. Nothing bad, just won’t have my setup to do so, but as soon as I can, the last ones will be coming out as well. You can be sure about that.

Having said that, pls enjoy tonight’s neo-noir, giallo, camix:27- Noir_001 Continue reading


Day 17- “Killed the Cat”

Daily comic 17 of 31. Surprised/proud I’m alive. Disappointed I’m missing the second show in a row. Would’ve been nice to see some friends today.

Anyway, today’s comic is based on a dream I had. It ends exactly where mine did. Ever wake up kinda proud you had a nice dream? As opposed to mundane things going awry, then waking up both relieved and disappointed.

I digress. Here’s today’s comic:

17- Robots_001 Continue reading