“Gracias Por Venir” (PR indie music comic)

Hey, everyone.

On January 22, 2015 I went to a show with some friends. It was such an experience, I wanted to keep it in my own language: comix! It’s written in Spanglish, features what my friends and I were up to that night, and made its debut in Tintero 2017, where it was nominated for best comic.

At that moment I realized: our friendships, music, scene, whatever you want to call it all, were award-nominated. And stories about us are worth being told, shared, lived, relived.

So, without further ado, smash that cover and read the comic featuring Puerto Rican indie bands Dan Siego, Los Petardos!, and Campo-Formio:



Day 31- “En Familia”

Daily comic 31 of 31!

We’re finally here! Despite the vicissitudes of the routine, pardon the oxymoron.

It’s been as rewarding as it’s been exhausting, but I’m not sure how to coalesce all that’s happened into a little post. Some from real life, some from dreams, some from suggestions and a roll of the dice, there’s something to be said about improv pieces of fiction. This position of forcing yourself into getting something done as if failing just isn’t a concept gets the gears turning “a las malas” as they say.

Anyway, nevermind that, I just like comix. A lot. And now, to put this little experiment to rest (for now):31- Food_001 Continue reading