Day 29- “Sojourn”

Daily comic 29 of 31!

I juggled with scripts for this one, atop of oversleeping. Which, side-note, waking up feeling sluggish for hours is such a guillotine on fertile creative time. And, of course, taking a moment for the important things like listening/talking with a friend (whom apparently does magick semi-ironically).

That being said, took a crack at a wordless comic. I’d say silent, but I always remember my friend saying “lmao, but aren’t all comix silent?” Which, teeechnically no?

I’m rambling. And now, the weather:

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Day 24- “On Being Weak”

Daily comic 24 of 31, you know the drill.

Juggling the sp00ks this week, I suppose. Feels a little surreal we’re this far in already.

Not much else to say, so please enjoy the camix! Also, a warning if gore isn’t your thing.

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