Day 28- “Vicarious Vic”

Daily comic 28 of 31!

Finally back at the desk to upload. Thought I’d have more to say. Usually the lag to upload and the occasional problem with titles become my worry at this time.

Thanks for the patience; had to be out of town due to the family, but all’s well now. Thankfully some friends helped me out and gave me the ride back to town so I could continue this. A little please and thank you go a longer way than a full tank.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s a comic about nothing slice of life. Hope you enjoy:

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Day 24- “On Being Weak”

Daily comic 24 of 31, you know the drill.

Juggling the sp00ks this week, I suppose. Feels a little surreal we’re this far in already.

Not much else to say, so please enjoy the camix! Also, a warning if gore isn’t your thing.

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