31 Comix in 31 Days! (Master Post)

Hey, everyone!

To those who’ve read along while they were fresh from the over and those joining now, here’s a post linking to every comic in one convenient place now that my power’s back from Irma. As usual, I’d love to hear some feedback and hopefully do better next time.

To recap: each comic is a 6-page one-shot, so feel free to roll the dice or read all in order!

So have a laugh, a cry, a goof and a gasp as you dive into this cavalcade of sequential art improv!

P.S.: If you know of comix publishers interested in anthologies, know someone who might, or just want to help with a reblog or a read, a huge thanks! Enjoy!

  1. They Look Like People
  2. Scripted
  3. Press Start
  4. Castling
  5. Side B
  6. Icarus//01
  7. Incline
  8. Unexpecting
  9. A Leash
  10. Abash
  11. Attrition
  12. Press Play When You Get There
  13. Xing
  14. Just Like You
  15. You Are Here
  16. Clench Your Fist
  17. Killed The Cat
  18. Babalaas
  19. Old School Sacking
  20. Were-borzoi
  21. Chinatown Sundown
  22. Out of This World
  23. Spelling Success
  24. On Being Weak
  25. MMO-Foe
  26. Quick-draw
  27. Il Baccio Della Tarantola Nera
  28. Vicarious Vic
  29. Sojourn
  30. Right Outside
  31. En Familia

Thanks for reading, nerds!


Day 25- “MMO-Foe”

Daily comix, 25 out of 31! We’re almost there!

Here’s more goodies of the fantasy variety! Hope you have a goof. I’m just excited to be done for the day and actually feeling better physically, which is a huge relief. ‘YUGE.

And now, the camix:25- MMO_001 Continue reading