Day 27- “Il Baccio della Tarantola Nera”

Buonasera, miei amici! Fumetti: 27 di 31!

Between oversleeping and thunderstorm back at it, just glad I put in the hours to finish and upload this!

I was unsure what to go with today, but the same friend who suggested Western also suggested Noir, and once again I go “alright, but what if…”

And so here we are! Aside from the late night upload, I also want to inform that I won’t be able to upload the comix during this week due to some family circumstances. Nothing bad, just won’t have my setup to do so, but as soon as I can, the last ones will be coming out as well. You can be sure about that.

Having said that, pls enjoy tonight’s neo-noir, giallo, camix:27- Noir_001 Continue reading


Day 23- “Spelling Success”

Daily comic 23 of 31! This seems to be the week of really hard-starting the ideas. Powering through it and feeling a little better. Was kinda spooked I’d come down physically.

Also, thunderstorm right by my neighborhood. The constant power outages kept turning off my internet and drawing setup, so uploading now that I have the chance!

Anyway, please enjoy today’s:23- Witches_001 Continue reading

Day 22- “Out Of This World”

Daily comic 22 of 31 aaand i’s actually kind of painful to sit down.

Went to play some Vampire: The Masquerade last night and had to stand up periodically. My back alone cracked like a roller coaster. Anyway, that aside, ’twas a good time getting out of the house after three weeks.

Anyway, glad I was able to get up and at it today. Went with a different, uhh… well, see for yourself:22- Acid aliens_001 Continue reading

Day 21- “Chinatown Sundown”

Three weeks of daily comix on the dot! 21/31 so far.

I’ve been thinking, I’ve somehow been avoiding my three favorite things to draw: punks. vampires, and mech/post-apocalyptic prosthetics. Certainly hope I’m not putting them on such a pedestal I don’t dare toy with them on these.

Anyway, enough rambling. Here’s today’s:21- Chinatown_001 Continue reading